How are you my loves? ❤️

I hope and pray everything is good at your end!😊

So, I had a visit to Pink city. Jaipur is the beautiful city with historical views.

We spent a lot of time around Amer Fort, World Trade Park, Chokhi Dhani and Johari market. It took us 2 hours to walk through Johari market but it was worth it. The best place I found in Jaipur was Chokhi Dhani. It is an ethnic resort with best Rajasthan theme.

I will always remember my visit to the fantastic place Jaipur.

Here are the pictures of Jaipur trip and my outfit, enjoy!

Hope you guys like the post.
Untill next time,

Yours forever


Instagram – vidhi_kanungo

Pictures by – Aditya Kanungo


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